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Field Trippin’: Corky Bell’s

Corky Bell's


In every city, there’s a restaurant you “must go to.” When my family is in the small town of Palatka, Fla. we always stop at Corky Bell’s Seafood & Steaks at Gator Landing.

We’ve never had a bad meal there. The seafood is always fresh (and not too greasy if you get it fried) and meals are so big you always end up with enough for lunch the next day!


So here’s what Kerri and I ate for lunch today…


We started out with a cold beer. They had the seasonal Blue Moon Pumpkin Harvest Ale on special, so we tried it. Very tasty – I highly recommend it.

Blue Moon Pumpkin Harvest Ale


We sampled the Gator Tail, which was perfectly crisp and lightly breaded – a delicious appetizer. (Sorry I didn’t take a better picture!)

Gator Tail


For the main course, I chose the Filet of Flounder platter. I prefer my fish grilled, not fried, but today I felt like being bad and ordered it fried. The meal came with Hush Puppies and two sides. I went with the Green Beans (like I typically do) and a Loaded Baked Potato.

My meal was absolutely phenomenal, as usual.

Jessica's Meal


Kerri, on the other hand, chose the pick two platter with Broiled Oysters and Fried Scallops (theirs are to die for!) She also had a Baked Potato and picked Okra and Tomatoes served over White Rice for her other side.

She was also beyond satisfied with her meal.

Kerri's Meal


When the parents are in town, we have no problem driving an hour away to enjoy lunch with them – as long as it’s at Corky Bell’s!

– Jessica & Kerri




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