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In My Kitchen: Sprouted-Grain Bread

Sprouted-Grain Bread


If you follow our blog, you know that we use sprouted-grain bread in majority of our sandwich recipes. Sprouted-grain bread is low in carbohydrates, high in protein and fiber and filled with vitamins and nutrients.

Sprouted-grain bread is not made with traditional flour rather wheat kernels that are sprouted, ground up and made into bread. The wheat kernels provide a good source of whole grain and the amino acids from the grains and legumes used in the bread provide an adequate amount of protein.

Although the nutrition in sprouted-grain is comparable to that of whole wheat bread, its taste and texture are distinctly different. I prefer its grainy, “earthy” taste over whole wheat bread. See L.A. Times article, Sprouted-Grain Breads: The Facts, for more information on sprouted-grain bread, compared to whole wheat and white breads.

Everyone prefers different bread for they’re sandwiches. But if you want something with low carbohydrates, high protein and lots of nutrients, I recommend you go with the sprouted-grain bread. You just might like it!


Bread Slices


For more information, check out Food For Life’s web page on The Sprouted Grain Difference.

– Jessica




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