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Consume Yourself: Cream Cheese Clouds

Cream Cheese Clouds


I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! I know we did here at Consume Room!

In keeping with the holiday spirit (even if the holidays are over), I wanted to share with you one of my family’s holiday staples. They’re called Cream Cheese Clouds and they’re festive and delicious!

One year, my mom saw a recipe in a Kraft cookbook for Cream Cheese Clouds and decided to try them out on Christmas morning. Every year since, I am summoned to the kitchen post-present opening to whip up these tasty treats!



– 2 cans of Pillsbury Grands! Refrigerated Buttermilk Biscuits (8-count cans)

– 1/2 cup of sugar

– 1 tbsp Ground Cinnamon

– 1 8 oz. package of Cream Cheese, cut into 16 cubes (I used Philadelphia brand.)

– 1/2 stick of butter

**This recipe makes 16 muffins.



Gather ingredients and preheat oven to 350 degrees.



Place butter in microwave safe dish.

Butter in Microwave Safe Dish


Place in microwave and cook until melted.

Melted Butter


In another dish, add the sugar and cinnamon.

Cinnamon and Sugar


Stir cinnamon and sugar together until fully incorporated.

Combined Cinnamon Sugar


Cut the cream cheese into 16 cubes.

Cream Cheese Cubes


On a glass plate, take one of the biscuits and flatten it using your hands. (Please wash your hands before this step!)

Flatten Biscuit


Dunk one of the cream cheese cubes into the melted butter. (It’s easiest to do this with your hands.)

Dunking Cream Cheese


Then place the coated cream cheese into the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Coat well.

Dunking in Cinnamon Sugar


Place the sugar and cinnamon coated cream cheese in the center of the flattened biscuit.

Cream Cheese on Biscuits


Enclose the cream cheese in the dough by bunching the dough around it.

Bunching Dough


Place biscuit in muffin pan. (Be sure to spray the muffin pan with cooking spray before placing muffins in.)

Place Muffin in Pan


Repeat process until you’ve made all 16 muffins. Sprinkle excess sugar and cinnamon on top of the muffins.

Sprinkling Cinnamon Sugar


Place in oven for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Muffins in Oven


Take out of oven and devour!

Finished Muffins


Whether you serve these on Christmas morning, like we do, or for dessert at your annual holiday party – one thing is for sure, they will certainly please the crowd!

The Kraft website also suggested swapping the cinnamon sugar mixture for Parmesan cheese and Italian herbs, creating the perfect appetizer. Sounds like a future blog to me…

Again, Happy Holidays! Hope you all enjoy my Christmas treat!

– Jessica





One thought on “Consume Yourself: Cream Cheese Clouds

  1. They sure are a tastey treat! -Abby

    Posted by consumeroom | December 30, 2011, 8:40 PM

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