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Consumed With DIY: Jessica’s Fruity Sangria Kits

DIY Sangria Kit


Happy Easter everyone! I know it seems as though Consume Room has fallen off the face of the planet…but we haven’t. We’ve just been busy settling into our new lives in West Palm Beach.

Since today is a holiday, I thought I’d share with you a cute gift idea that’s great for any occasion. Since a nice bottle of wine goes over well with most people, I decided add my own flare to gifting wine.

Last Christmas, I put together Make Your Own Sangria Kits for my girlfriends. I purchased all the ingredients to make my yummy Sangria (minus the fresh fruit) and put them in festive gift baskets. All my friends who received them loved them!



– 4 750ml bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon

– 4 1-liter bottles of Ginger Ale

– 4 Glad mini round Plastic Containers

– 8 tbsp Sugar

– 4 mini bottles of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

– 2 rolls of Cellophane Wrap (the color of your choice)

– 2 bags of Metallic Shreds

– A few rolls of Ribbon, to decorate

– 4 baskets or tins

– 4 half sheets of paper with Jessica’s Fruity Sangria recipe printed on them (see below)

**This yields 4 Sangria Kits.





– 1 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

– 2 tbsp Sugar

– 1 mini-bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

– 2 cups of Ginger Ale


**What You Need To Add:

– 1 Lemon, cut into wedges

– 1 Lime, cut into wedges

– 1 Orange, cut into wedges


Pour the wine into a pitcher and squeeze the juice from the lemon, lime and orange wedges into the wine. Toss in the fruit wedges (leaving seeds out if possible), sugar and rum. Chill overnight.

Add the ginger ale to the pitcher right before serving. Serve over ice and enjoy! (And don’t leave the fruit out; you’ll want to eat it. Trust me.)



Gather basket ingredients: wine and ginger ale bottles, mini-bottles of Captain Morgan, sugar and mini round plastic containers.

Sangria Kit Ingredients


Place 2 tbsp of sugar into each of the mini round plastic containers.

Add Sugar To Containers


Seal well.

Sealed Sugar Container


Gather decorative items: tins (or baskets), metallic shreds, Cellophane, ribbon and printed recipe sheets.

Decorative Items

Recipe Sheet


Fold recipe sheets in half and hole punch the top corner. String ribbon through the punched hole, leaving enough ribbon to tie the recipe around each wine bottle.

Add Ribbon To Recipe Sheet


Tie recipe around each wine bottle.

Tie Recipes To Wine Bottles


Place the metallic shreds into each decorative tin or basket.

Add Metallic Shreds


Place wine bottle in the decorative tin.

Add Wine Bottle To Tin


Then add ginger ale bottles to the tins.

Add Ginger Ale To Tin


Add the plastic containers filled with sugar to the tins. (Again, make sure the containers are sealed well. You don’t want the sugar to spill out!)

Add Sugar Containers To Tin


Lastly, place the mini Captain Morgan bottles in the tins.

Add Rum To Basket


Following the directions on the Cellophane wrap, wrap and seal each tin with Cellophane. Finish the project by trying a decorative ribbon around the top gathering of Cellophane.

Finished Sangria Kit


And there you have it my friends, a DIY present great for the holidays, birthdays or for the host(ess) with the most!

Feel free to get creative with this DIY project by printing the recipe on festive paper or attaching flowers along with the ribbon. I’d love to see your take on our DIY Sangria Kits once you make them yourselves!

– Jessica





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