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Field Trippin’: Native Sun Natural Foods Market

  For those who don’t already know, Kerri, Michelle and I prefer to buy organic and natural food products. Generally, they are fresher and don’t contain ingredients that are harmful to your body, such as hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrups and artificial sweeteners. Majority of our shopping trips are spent in the organic aisle … Continue reading

Field Trippin’: Corky Bell’s

  In every city, there’s a restaurant you “must go to.” When my family is in the small town of Palatka, Fla. we always stop at Corky Bell’s Seafood & Steaks at Gator Landing. We’ve never had a bad meal there. The seafood is always fresh (and not too greasy if you get it fried) … Continue reading

Field Trippin’: The Farmers’ Market

  Yesterday, I went on an adventure to the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville. The arts market was filled with local artists, food vendors, live entertainment and a produce market. My mission on this trip: to score some fresh, locally-grown produce.   …And that I did!   For $10, I took home an array Red … Continue reading